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Volunteer in our shops, offices and at events to make a difference, and develop skills along the way.

Volunteer at a festival


Glastonbury, Reading, Bestival… fancy heading to one of the UK’s top festivals? Become an Oxfam festival volunteer and you’ll join a team of thousands, united by a love of music – and the desire to fight poverty worldwide. Stewards, campaigners, volunteers for our fabulous festival shops – we need them all.

Festival volunteering 

Volunteer at a running or cycling event

Volunteer at a running event

Come and join us at one of the running & cycling events this year! They are great fun, as we cheer and make as much noise as possible to support all of the runners and cyclists, but especially the Oxfam fundraisers! By being there, you make the atmosphere incredible and really encourage people when they need it most, whether it’s at the top of a steep hill climb or rounding the final few corners towards the finish. We’d love for you to join us

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Volunteer at Trailwalker

Volunteer at Trailtrekker

Trailwalker is a huge logistical exercise, and Oxfam needs amazing volunteers to make the event possible! Volunteering is a lot of fun. It’s a great way to meet new people, or to spend time with friends and family. Trailwalker is one of Oxfam’s biggest fundraising events, so you’ll be volunteering alongside hundreds of people from all walks of life – it truly is an amazing experience.

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Volunteer in your community

Be part of a global movement of people who won’t live with poverty. Join our vibrant network of campaigners and fundraisers who help raise money to save lives and campaign to speak out against injustice. You’ll be part of a team of letter writers, gig organisers, climate change marchers, bucket shakers, fun runners, petition signers and fundraisers.

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Volunteer to organise an Oxjam event

Up for the challenge of organising your own event next October? Oxjam events are what YOU make them. You don’t need experience; all you need is a love for music and plenty of enthusiasm and dedication! If you’re passionate about your local music scene there are also loads of other ways that you can get involved with Oxjam.

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