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Green Blog

Upholding women and girls’ dignity: Lets give them hygiene kits to Rohingya refugees ​
By: Sohanur Rahman
Sep 15, 2017

Today, Up to 400,000 Rohingya have fled Myanmar for Bangladesh since August 25, with thousands more arriving every day and around most of them are women and children according to preliminary estimates of UNICEF. UNFPA says, 67 per cent are women and girls in hole rohingya refugees. Among them, 13 per cent are pregnant or breastfeeding. And these numbers may rise.

The sheer number of refugees has overwhelmed pre-existing refugee camps, with new arrivals seeking shelter anywhere they can find space. The Rohingya population in Cox’s Bazar District has more than doubled and is still increasing day by day, overwhelming existing camps and settlements as well as host communities and relief agencies.

While shelter, food, and water are first priorities, the critical and specific needs of women and girls are often overlooked. Millions of Rohingya refugee girls and women need the most basic supplies and services to ensure their health, dignity, and rights. Because dignity is the only thing left when all else is lost. An important part of upholding this rights, the distribution of dignity kits, which include essential supplies to help women Rohingya refuges to maintain their basic hygiene when they are displaced by crisis.

Bangladesh Model Youth Parliament and Save the Planet want to distribute ‘dignity kit’ which contains women’s personal care items such as toiletries, undergarments, sanitary napkins including soap, shampoo, female sanitary pads, toothpaste, etc. In and of themselves, sanitary pads are not life-saving items, but they do play a crucial role in preserving a woman’s health and dignity, and keeping her from harm, especially for those living in humanitarian crisis settings.

Do you want to give dignity Kits to Womens and girl refugee in Bangladesh? Go to our campaign on Heroes & Friends where we crowdsource money, volunteers and campaigners to make a difference in the lives of Rohingya people Please #StandWithRohingya together and let’s support $4 for the safety and dignity of girls and women refuges!