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Green Blog

By: admin
May 16, 2017

We’ve reached chemical overload. Exposed through food, water, and products, untold tens of thousands of chemicals are in commerce, only a small fraction of which have been fully assessed. The levels of chemical contaminants continue to increase in our bodies and in our environment, and a growing body of scientific evidence has demonstrated the unique vulnerability of children to toxic threats. Meanwhile, new technologies and new materials are exposing families and children to new categories of risks, like nanomaterials and endocrine disrupting chemicals. Whether viewed from the national or international level, the current system for managing toxic risks is not up to the task, and trade negotiations threaten to undermine what little protections have already been secured. CIEL works to achieve a toxics-free future through our work negotiating new international treaties; changing public policy and private practices; advocating for precaution and increased attention on new forms of chemicals; and, along the way, building strong and diverse coalitions.