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Does the name SAVE THE PLANET stand for anything as an acronym?
SAVE THE PLANET was founded in the UK in 2007 when it was working within the community to encourage people to grow more in their back garden.

Where is SAVE THE PLANET UK located?
We are headquartered in Luton and SAVE THE PLANET have field offices in different cities of the UK.

Where does SAVE THE PLANET work?
Last year, SAVE THE PLANET worked in different countries, implementing long-term programs to fight poverty, responding to humanitarian emergencies, and advocating for policy change to improve the lives of the poorest people.

Who supports SAVE THE PLANET?
Hundreds of thousands of individuals and dozens of UK corporations, foundations and other organizations support SAVE THE PLANET each year. We also obtain funding and commodities from governmental agencies, the European Union and the United Nations.

How can I make a donation in honor of someone?
Gifts in honor of someone can be made online here by entering the honoree’s name and the address for sending the acknowledgement.

What address should I use to mail in my donation?
Click here to learn how to send your donation to SAVE THE PLANET’s secure, authorized donation processor.

What is SAVE THE PLANET’s Charity Registration Number ?
SAVE THE PLANET’s Charity Registration Number is ……….. For easy location, this number can also be found on the very bottom of SAVE THE PLANET’s homepage.

If I am an international donor, can I still make a donation to SAVE THE PLANET?
No matter where you live, you can support SAVE THE PLANET’s poverty-fighting programs. Donate online now.

I have received a mailing stating my pledge was not fulfilled. Did you receive my donation?
Because of overlapping mailing schedules, sometimes donors receive notifications that their donation was not received, when in fact it was. We apologize for such an occurrence. If you’ve received such a notice but believe your donation was processed, please call us at 07861690196 or contact us through www.savetheplanet.ngo/feedback – and we will check your SAVE THE PLANET account to let you know.

I didn’t get a tax receipt for my donation.  How can I obtain one?
A duplicate tax receipt can be requested by calling Constituent Services at 07861690196 or by mail to: SAVE THE PLANET, 84 Saxon Road, Luton, LU3 1JS.

Where do my donations go?
The majority of our donors want their gift to be used wherever the need is greatest. This allows SAVE THE PLANET the flexibility to use resources as efficiently as possible. SAVE THE PLANET’s financial records are available to the public. Ninety percent of our expended resources support program activities. Ten percent of expended resources go toward administrative and fundraising expenditures. We conform to the highest accounting and financial standards.

Is my donation restricted to one country?
Donations to SAVE THE PLANET go to support our poverty-fighting programs in poor countries worldwide. This gives us the flexibility to channel funds to wherever the needs are greatest.

How can I donate my Delta Sky Miles? How exactly are they used?
Donating your Delta Sky Miles to SAVE THE PLANET enables our poverty-fighting experts to travel all over the world to advance our humanitarian mission. Donated miles are a big money saver for SAVE THE PLANET, allowing us to put more funds directly into aid efforts. Make your miles matter by clicking here!

Can I donate clothes, food or other supplies?
Whenever possible, SAVE THE PLANET buys supplies locally, thereby supporting a developing economy.

Can I volunteer for SAVE THE PLANET?
SAVE THE PLANET generally doesn’t recruit volunteers for fieldwork, for several reasons:

  • Whenever possible, SAVE THE PLANET works with local people in order to expand skills and knowledge in a country, as well as to ensure sustainability.
  • Often, local laws prohibit or severely restrict the use of foreign volunteers.
  • Most of our programs require specific expertise and several years of experience in international development and relief.
  • Using volunteers internationally can be very costly in regard to airfare, meals and lodging.

How can I or my company partner with SAVE THE PLANET for fundraising opportunities?
There are several ways you and/or your company can get involved in SAVE THE PLANET’s poverty-fighting mission.

  • Many companies match their employees’ charitable contributions. Click hereto learn more.
  • Support one of SAVE THE PLANET’s annual events or marketing programs, such as our annual SAVE THE PLANET National Conference & Celebration, an International Women’s Day event or our SAVE THE PLANET Package campaign.
  • Consider hosting brown-bag lunches on SAVE THE PLANET’s work at your company, include SAVE THE PLANET in your internal communications materials or feature SAVE THE PLANET on your intranet site or CSR pages.
  • By sharing information about SAVE THE PLANET with your consumers, customers and partners, you help multiply the reach of SAVE THE PLANET’s work.
  • To learn more, please contact us by e-mailor phone at 07861690196.

How can I work for SAVE THE PLANET?
Job opportunities, including short-term consulting openings, can be found contacting our HR department

Does SAVE THE PLANET offer financial assistance or grants?
SAVE THE PLANET is not a funding agency and therefore does not provide financial support directly to individuals or organizations. Instead, SAVE THE PLANET works in partnership with governments, organizations, and communities in developing countries to create lasting solutions to poverty.

Does SAVE THE PLANET provide scholarships?
No, SAVE THE PLANET does not provide scholarships or student loans. SAVE THE PLANET is not a funding agency and, therefore, does not provide financial support directly to individuals or organizations.

How can I sponsor a child?
SAVE THE PLANET does not offer a child sponsorship program. Instead, we encourage your support of entire communities through our overall poverty-fighting efforts, which we know – from our many years of experience – is the most effective way to alleviate poverty.

Why doesn’t SAVE THE PLANET provide assistance within the UK?
While SAVE THE PLANET is concerned with poverty and injustice everywhere, our mission is to serve individuals and families in the poorest communities in the world. Since our inception in 2007, SAVE THE PLANET has been a trusted vehicle for Americans to share their compassion and generosity with those who have no safety net.

SAVE THE PLANET is committed to doing more than meeting immediate needs. We strive to address the structural barriers to overcoming poverty, such as patterns of discrimination and exclusion; corrupt or incompetent public institutions; lack of access to essential public services; conflict and social disorder; and major public health threats. While these can certainly be found to varying degrees in any wealthy nation, the scale doesn’t compare to poor nations. Therefore, SAVE THE PLANET believes we have the greatest potential for impact in developing countries.

Are you a religious-based organization? What is your stand on abortion?
SAVE THE PLANET is a nonsectarian organization, meaning we are not affiliated with any particular religion or belief system. SAVE THE PLANET does not fund, support or perform abortions, though we do assist women suffering complications of unsafe abortions.

Can I use the SAVE THE PLANET name and/or logo to raise awareness of your work?
Yes, if used in compliance with SAVE THE PLANET’s terms and conditions. Click here for detailed information.

How do I get permission to reprint a SAVE THE PLANET story or video?
Please read the instructions here to request such permission.

How can I obtain an information packet on SAVE THE PLANET?
Contact Constituent Services by phone at 07861690196, or via mail at: SAVE THE PLANET, 84 Saxon Road, Luton , LU3 1JS, UK or via www.savetheplanet.ngo/feedback.


How do you pay for telemarketing services?
Ninety-one percent of SAVE THE PLANET’s expended resources go directly to our aid efforts in impoverished communities worldwide. Only 9 percent goes to overhead, which includes fundraising costs like telemarketing. We keep our expenses as low as possible by diligently seeking the most competitive rates for such services.

How can I update my address?
To change address information in your online account, please log in and go to “Update Your Profile Information.” Log into your online account. Otherwise, you can change your address by submitting your request to www.Save The Planet.org/feedback or by calling us at 07861690196.

How can I update my credit card information?
To change credit card information in your online account, please log in and go to “Update Your Profile Information.” Then make changes in the “Transaction Information” section. http://my.Save The Planet.org/profile Otherwise, you can change your credit card information by calling us at 07861690196.


What if I forget/don’t know my password?
First, try logging into your online account. This page provides options to select from regarding your user name and/or password. If you still need help after trying these options, please call us at 07861690196 or contact us at www.Save The Planet.org/feedback.


How can I cancel my online subscription to e-mails?
The easiest way to cancel is to click the “Unsubscribe” link at the bottom of any e-mail you receive from SAVE THE PLANET. Another way is to log into your online account, then go to “Update Your Profile Information,” where you can uncheck the e-mail option. You can also go to “Manage Your E-mail Interests,” and specifically select what kind of communications you do or don’t want to receive from SAVE THE PLANET. Be sure to click “Save” after making your selections. Log into your online account.


How can I be removed from the mailing list and/or e-mail?
If you want to stop or limit mailings to your home address, please submit your request to the following:www.savetheplanet.ngo/feeback, or call us at 07861690196. Please note that it may take from 4 to 8 weeks for this change to take effect. If you want to stop or limit e-mails from SAVE THE PLANET, please see the answer above to “How can I cancel my online subscription?”

I am having technical difficulties with your website.
Please report SAVE THE PLANET Web site technical errors to info@savetheplanet.ngo.


To learn more about SAVE THE PLANET’s poverty-fighting work for your research paper, please refer to the links below:


For all other questions or requests for information about SAVE THE PLANET, please contact Constituent Services by phone at 07861690196; through the mail: SAVE THE PLANET, 84 Saxon Road, Luton, LU3 1JS, UK; or at www.savetheplanet.ngo/feedback.