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Green Blog

Acute safe drinking water crisis in Rohingya Refugee Camps in Bangladesh
By: Sohanur Rahman
Sep 15, 2017

On August 25, violence broke out in Rakhine State, Myanmar and According to UN, over 370,000 people have arrived in Bangladesh’s Cox Bazaar district and the influx continues fleeing violence and persecution in their native country.

These deadly attacks against the Rohingya people have been declared “a textbook example of ethnic cleansing” by the United Nations’ human rights chief, Zeid Raad al-Hussein.Large numbers of people are arriving every day in densely packed sites on the Bangladesh border seeking safety, and it’s clear that many more will cross before the situation stabilizes.

The existing camps in Bangladesh are ill-equipped to handle the huge numbers of people. People need shelter, clean water, toilets and food urgently. They are facing extreme difficulties with many living without protection and under open skies. According to Burmese Rohingya refugees, they have been facing an acute water crisis in unregistered camps recently.Besides, the unregistered Rohingya refugees from Coxbazar are also facing an acute water crisis because of scarcity of water.

Rahima Begum, a mother of four children from the Balukhali camp said some children are facing various skin diseases because of the shortage of water and the overall unhygienic situation.

“In the summer season, we are not able to cook food and to take baths, for washing clothes and for drinking water on time, but we have to carry unclean water from a stream, a refugee woman Rahima said.

Now We are appealing to all global citizen to take necessary steps to arrange water for the Rohingya refuges to minimize their sufferings in the this season where they are now facing acute water crisis.