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We were founded in 2007 with the objective of :

What this means is that we exist to help protect our environment and do so in a number of charitable ways. For more detail please visit our Charity Commission page.
As a registered charity we spend your donations on different projects that includes protect, preserve fragile environment, educate and promote sustainable development, and scientific research.
Our global vision is to ensure to have a better quality of life for the future generations without making any compromise. Therefore we are concern about:

Save the Planet is a registered charity (number 1128140) in England and Wales



To provide basic need for people throughout the world To ensure to have a better quality of life To provide the quality of life for the future generations without making any compromise.

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• To work towards the implementation of a greener planet • To inspire people to take care for the planet. • To provide the fundamental and life changing education to achieve such goals.

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• To respect the dignity, potential and contribution of participants, donors, partners, and volunteers • To maintain the integrity in order to remain consistent, honest and transparent with our mission, and specially with what we do and say • To be committed to work together in order to serve the larger community more effectively • To make our work ‘people centred’ in order to achieve the positive relationships with the community • To achieve excellence in order to reach the highest levels of learning and performance so that it can have the maximum impact on the larger community.

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How can you help

Join Us to Fight for the Future of our Planet. Donate, Learn & Take Action Today

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